Lactose Allergy

This cookie recipe uses both milk and butter, so a lactose allergy would require substituting both of these ingredients.

Soy is a very common substitution for people with lactose allergies, but many soy products are produced in the same factories as milk, and may contain traces of “casein” which is a lactose protein. There are many other types of milk nowadays, below are the most common lactose-free milks:

  • soy
  • coconut
  • rice
  • potato
  • oat
  • almond
  • hazelnut
  • cashew
  • hemp
  • flax
  • sunflower
  • macadamia

The best way to substitute butter is to use margarine, which is made from vegetables rather than milk. There are many different types of margarine, so a small trial-and-error period may occur before you find the best margarine for the desired cookie texture.


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